Gratitude can bring unseen opportunities

I choose to be grateful !

The choice to give voice to gratitude is not always easy, but at the root of gratitude is the understanding that it’s power is much bigger than self. And when we take time to honour it, we are rewarded with moments of enlightenment, we would otherwise miss.

Like the moment you realise you have been unconsciously denying yourself a life long dream that is within your gift

I love writing and it has always been my dream to have a desk by the window, with a view that inspires. I had always equated this vision of myself and the view as close to nature as possible, in my 4 bed house, somewhere in the Idyllic Kent countryside. And so when in 2010, I moved into my rented second floor flat, 10 minutes from the Town Centre, I gave no thought to this dream becoming a reality in the space I occupied. An estate block is a far cry from the Kent countryside!

Until recently!

With the birth of my little one in 2020, several lockdowns; working from home, schooling from home, we have manipulated our living space more times than I care for. All in an attempt to get the balance right for the whole family. Throughout this time and the 11 years I have lived in my two bed flat, I never thought to simply just put my desk by the living room window. “That would just be odd”, It thought.

And then last week I walked into the front room of my home and there was my desk along the window ledge of the best view in the entire flat. I could see straight across the playground, out to the estate entrance, and to the shops along the stretch of the main road. I sat in gratitude and marvelled that my dream had been fulfilled, in the place I leased expected it, at the exact time I needed it.

Don’t miss great moments, because the big picture is not yet lived


It wasn’t leafy Kent, but I was filled with such gratitude. My Daughter had overheard me talk of my dream and she simply moved the desk to the window, whilst I was out. Sometimes what we need may not come, as we expect or when we want. But it will show up when we least expect and exactly as we NEED it! when those moments come, we have to be open to gratitude so we can fully see it. Don’t miss great moments, because of temporary situations.


I love encouraging and uplifting others to be the very best version of themselves and to go after the life they envision with confidence.

A believer that faith conquers all; I love sharing stories from my personal journey to demonstrate how faith, positive action and and a positive outlook can shape our successes.

I hope you are encouraged by what you read and can find inspiration from the stories shared; to believe in the impossible and take positive action to achieve it.

Happy Reading
Love Camille x

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