Temptation is a one man show

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Recently my 9 year old and I were travelling in the car to a family memberโ€™s house. I honestly don’t remember what started the heated debate that ensued but I do remember the end of that battle, third party intervention and all, and the lesson learnt. Temptation is a one man show

At some point in our debate, my daughter advocated that were it not for Lucifer (yes the devil), there would be no sin in the world, as Eve would not have sinned. I promptly responded that is a lie! It was so Eve’s fault. She made the ultimate decision to eat the forbidden apple.

So my daughter says, no; If Lucifer had not dangled the option in front of Eve, she would not have made the decision to eat the apple. And in this moment I realised that this is the reality for some of us, at different points in our lives.ย  We readily give into temptation based on someone or something else dangling an apparent opportunity before us.

This has led us to believe that the decisions we make or the temptations we give into is influenced by people, the situation we find ourselves in, and at times our own emotion. And honestly I have been there! Putting my daughter into private school when I couldnโ€™t afford it, because I was trying to be an overachieving mum. Going on a spontaneous shopping spree after work because my day was stressful, thereby spending money I did not have and buying clothes I would never wear. Or more recently “indulging” my appetite for McDonalds after making a pledge to eat no more junk food.

The visit to that junk food counter is a prime example of my daughter believing that Lucifer dangling the option of eating the forbidden apple is what caused Eve to give in to her temptation. I went to the supermarket to shop for groceries, it just so happens that the store has a McDonalds. I could have done my shopping and promptly left. But oh no! I and only I, like Eve, made the ultimate decision to eat the burger!

Resisting temptation can be hard, especially if we have a particular weakness in that area, but it is NOT impossible! And that is the truth we need to hold onto. I am not perfect and I still get tempted and give into temptations, but for the most part I have learnt how to better manage my weaknesses. This has in turn, helped me make better decisions.

If temptation is a struggle for you, ask yourself:

  • What causes you me to give into temptation?
  • What are my weak points?
  • And what measures can I put in place to limit giving into those temptations?


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