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One-on-One personalised services designed to support and empower you to achieve positive change in your personal or professional life.

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My signature are like nothing else on the market, designed to reframe your thoughts around money, health, relationships, self-love and motherhood.

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1 hour Power Sessions

Let’s get you moving again. These sessions are designed to support you in identifying the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Agreeing and taking responsibility for the action needed to get you there and useful tools to support you.

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Accountability Sessions

Looking to make some lasting change, but struggle to keep to your commitments. Accountability sessions create a safe space to challenge yourself to stick to your commitment. Sessions include goal setting, regular catch-ups, and mentoring.

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Career Progression

Let’s secure that job! Sessions are designed to support you in embracing the recruitment process, prepping for an interview, CV writing, drafting personal statements, and useful tips for the day. Practice sessions are also available.