Trust in what’s for you

The feeling that your running out of time is a lie, just like that cupboard full of plates

Live freely

Live freely, consciously choosing not to enslaved by the thoughts of others. Live abundantly, covered by God’s grace and without shame. Be joyful rather than distressed to please the expectations of others. Fiercely pursue your passion, knowing God’s plan for you is greater. Above all trust yourself and your maker. Stay focused 😊

Monday motivation – mirror mirror of the world

The mirror of the world is neither silver nor gold Designed from unleashed potential and projected self importance Staring into it’s abyss, often ignites the emotion of inadequacy and comparability The reflection staring back internally wounded, but externally portrait as “having it together” With weakness an enemy, the internally hides, eats away at the soulContinue reading “Monday motivation – mirror mirror of the world”