Return of the Storyteller

I am back! Being away from writing for almost a year has made me realise, how much; I love and miss it! It’s so therapeutic and through writing my imagination is ignited and my passion flows. It is also a positive platform to connect with others and I look forward to sharing more stories; connectingContinue reading “Return of the Storyteller”

Channel the characteristics of the eagle

Be like the eagle in all your endeavours: Utilise your vision, hone in on your goal and go after what you seek. Be fearless and dominant in pursuit of your desired outcome. Risk more and expect more; challenging, yourself to fight for what you really want! Claim your territory and be protective of it. InContinue reading “Channel the characteristics of the eagle”

Preparedness meets oppurtunity

Recently I visited a certain cafe, and behind the counter stood a food assistant. She had been employed by this particular café for years. Diligent, hardworking and very good at her job, we had mutual respect based on origin. On this occasion, as I placed my order and waited to pay. I took the timeContinue reading “Preparedness meets oppurtunity”

The glue gun saga and the power of motivation

This brings me to the topic of today’s blog. Not only is my daughter motivated by her creativity, she is also massively motivated by money. Motivated to spend other people’s money and not hers, unless she really wants something.