What’s taking so long..

I love writing and am always drawn back to it, after long spells of avoidable procrastination. Which usual starts with me developing a complex about my writing style. My doubts are not necessarily about whether I’m a good writer, they tend to  border on how I come across to others. Is my writing too formal orContinue reading “What’s taking so long..”

Little Acts of Kindness everywhere

A new baby and the uneventful adventures of late-night feeds, led to the binge-watching of Reese Witherspoon’s “Little Fires Everywhere” and its gripping, intertwining storylines. It was so good, my husband finished watching the series before me, which never happens in my household. Without divulging a single spoiler, and after processing the ending: one profoundContinue reading “Little Acts of Kindness everywhere”

Channel the characteristics of the eagle

Be like the eagle in all your endeavours: Utilise your vision, hone in on your goal and go after what you seek. Be fearless and dominant in pursuit of your desired outcome. Risk more and expect more; challenging, yourself to fight for what you really want! Claim your territory and be protective of it. InContinue reading “Channel the characteristics of the eagle”

The glue gun saga and the power of motivation

This brings me to the topic of today’s blog. Not only is my daughter motivated by her creativity, she is also massively motivated by money. Motivated to spend other people’s money and not hers, unless she really wants something.

Monday motivation – Focus, not follow

Don’t be caught up in the hum of others people’s plan or vision You have thought about where you want to be at this point in your life, you may have even made plans You have thought about the future and everything in the now is a stepping stone towards that dream Your vision isContinue reading “Monday motivation – Focus, not follow”