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An endless supply of riches

The Lord shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

I love this scripture! It gives us an idea of the expectations we can have when it comes to God’s commitment to caring for us. And the faith we can also have that he will come through for us, as He did for Paul many times over.

I don’t know about you, but there was a point in my Christian journey, where I was sort of bewildered as to how God’s blessing would find me. There were moments I felt like I was looking up, waiting; waiting for God to dive down and make it rain with whatever it was I needed.

Alas, that is not quite how God works. His riches do not fall from the sky. God uses the resources available to him (which includes you and me) to allow His blessings and riches to flow to those in need and to those who seek him.


The riches Paul refers are from God, who uses ordinary people from all walks of life to bless His children. From the person, you struggled to get along with but was then humbled by their generosity to a random stranger helping you with no motive.

The job you landed, with the support of the manager you thought wasn’t on your side. The customer service guy, who not only refunded you for the broken item but sent you another one free of charge. The friend who is always encouraging you, even when going through their struggles.

I could go on and on, as there are many ways we can experience God’s promise to supply all our needs. How? when we open our heart to living like Jesus. Being kind, generous, ready to help others. Obedient, when you hear that little voice telling you to check up on someone.


It may sound too simple, but when we serve others it is the greatest form of blessing to our lives. Don’t misunderstand, God’s blessing is not conditional. Nothing with God is.

Just think of all the times He’s already done it and how He’s used people and situations around you?


I love encouraging and uplifting others to be the very best version of themselves and to go after the life they envision with confidence.

A believer that faith conquers all; I love sharing stories from my personal journey to demonstrate how faith, positive action and and a positive outlook can shape our successes.

I hope you are encouraged by what you read and can find inspiration from the stories shared; to believe in the impossible and take positive action to achieve it.

Happy Reading
Love Camille x

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