About Me

A creative entrepreneur, wife and mum to two, my desire has always been to live purposefully. For me, that means freedom to do the things that bring me joy, whilst following my passion. And so after 12 years in the Public sector, I quit my job and decided to dedicate my time solely to my business ventures.

Over the years, my creative and positive nature has always led me to try new things without the fear of failure. And so, whilst working my way to middle management by day, I successfully ran a catering and hospitality business. This was my first series venture into the business world and if my kitchen table, could talk, it would say: “say yes and then work it out” was the unspoken tagline. I enjoyed every minute, food has the power to bring people together from all walks of life. I cherish that!

In early 2021, went on to launch Lovingly Bestowed, which reflects my passion to encourage others. my vision is to tie my motivational speaking, cards and stationery business and love of writing together. I believe we are not born to just do “one thing”. We are made for more, and it just takes a process of self discovery and a change in mindset to realise this truth.

Through this platform and my work around motivational speaking and entrepreneurship, I am really excited to leave the corporate world behind and work with women who are hungry for change. Women who want to find and acknowledge their value and channel that in big visions for success.

I hope to connect with as many women as possible, make those connections count and build a community that not only achieves, but plays that successfully forward to the next generation.

What People Say

I have attended a few of Camille’s workshops and always left feeling uplifted, inspired and motivated. Camille is a natural with helping people to achieve their goals. I would definitely recommend Camille’s services to friends and family. Rachel 31, Essex

I hadn’t applied for a new job in a while and was feeling a bit rusty. Camille was recommended to me by my partner for interview prep. I found Camille was very personable and gave practical feedback. Camille helped me to feel confident and prepared and went the extra mile by reassuring me her support was still available afterwards if needed. I would definitely recommend Camille to others.  Adrian 37, London

I will sum up the value of Camille’s sessions in 3 words: encouraging, inspirational and motivating. The sessions encourage and empower one to search deep within one’s self and draw both motivation and inspiration to bring creativity, enabling the potential within to come alive, Yomi, 53, London

Let’s build something together.