A dead end, is an opportunity to learn to fly again.

A creative entrepreneur, wife, and mum to two, my desire has always been to live purposefully. For me, that means freedom to do the things that bring me joy, whilst following my passion. For years I did this in part, but in 2021, I decided to fully dedicate my time to my business ventures. Releasing myself to do the things I love.

Over the years, my creative and positive nature has always led me to try new things without the fear of failure. And so, whilst working as a Commissioning Manager within the public sector by day, I successfully ran a catering and hospitality business. This was my first serious venture into the business world and enjoyed every minute of it. Food has the power to bring people together from all walks of life and I cherish that!

In early 2021, I went on to launch Lovingly Bestowed, which reflects my passion to encourage others. My vision firmly on aligning my love of writing, coaching and my desire to encourage and support others under one umbrella. I believe we are not born to just do “one thing”. We are made for more, and it just takes a process of self-discovery and a change in mindset to realise this truth. It also takes a leap of faith to get going, confident that failure is part of the plan.

Through this platform and my work around motivational speaking and entrepreneurship, I am excited to work with women who are hungry for change. Women who want to find and acknowledge their value and channel that into big visions for success. I hope to connect with as many women as possible, make those connections count and build a community that not only achieves, but plays that successfully forward to the next generation.